eclectic visitors / space gallery

Elisabeth and Manfred Grübl work independently, but also realise projects together. When working together, their collaboration does not result in a fixed and static situation, but arises temporarily from their interest in a shared content. Their works encompass in and outdoor installations, video, laser and sound projects, computer animations, interactive installations, some of which include the participation of IRL people, as well as conceptual and context related art and photography. In this exhibition, these interests merge. Taken together, the works in the installation suggest a thematic of inclusion / exclusion. They challenge the perception of their audience through a subtle, implicit play of the border (or relation) between the concept of an 'inside' and an 'outside.' Whether it is a line gradually moving across three monitors or massage mats hanging on a wall, or an object with the words inside_ outside overlapping, or a pedestal with headphones, which offers visitors the possibility of listening to electronic sounds, the works suggest a certain questioning of borders and a dynamic sense of movement. The border between participating or not with the massage mats, between silence or sound - between using the headphones and listening or not, are options left to the audience. On a conceptual level, the line slowly moving across the three monitors juxtaposes, but leaves the relation between infinity and finality unresolved. Similarly, the videotapes scattered next to the three toy cranes might contain information or not. Yet, we will never know, as the artists do not provide any access to their possible content. The installation remains deliberately open-ended. It leaves the audience ample room to question their relation to the presented works and any implied meaning(s). And, perception is dynamically unsettled. (Maia Damianovic)