Agnieszka Sachar / ART IN ART / MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow / ISBN 978-83-65851-00-0

The artist points to two extreme phenomena in the relationship of the world of art and masterpieces. On the one hand, they are subjected to extreme security measures, which put the originals out of reach of the average viewer. On the other hand, images of these works are used in contexts that demean their privileged status. Copied and reproduced on thousands of objects, they become part of consumerist culture – an example is the ashtray designed by the artist. Grübl made two attempts to get close to the famous Mona Lisa in e Louvre, which he documented in photographs and video. The first attempt was unsuccessful – the artist failed to get even as far as the security barrier. On the second attempt, thanks to his helpers, he breached the restricted zone, which led to intervention by security staff.